Today we enjoyed a full service breakfast and rejoined Noel for our tour of the peninsula. A great deal of trust and Dramamine got me through the tortuous mountain roads and sheer drop offs. We have seen a few rock wall fences, but there are fewer here in County Kerry than we saw in County Galway…especially Inis Mor.

It doesn’t take long to realize why monks came to the Ring of Kerry area in the third and fourth centuries. It is majestic and peaceful. There are pockets of small villages and scattered farmhouses, and if course this cursed serpentine road, but I bet it looks pretty much the same as it did then. It seems like the perfect place to get in touch with the universe.

We had lunch at a hotel restaurant on the way (cheese toastie!) and made our way around some more high cliffs. Yikes! I survived thanks to the Dramamine, but the side effect –sleepy!– kicked in. I took a nap from 2-4. I had a bizarre dream about accidentally going into a brothel instead of a pub (saw James Spader in there…hmmm…), having a terribly hard time trying to register the kids for school in Ireland, purchasing a house sight unseen and then losing the mortgage paperwork. Very high anxiety…and then the worst part of the dream happened when Jim started having cardiac trouble. I began administering CPR and pounding on his chest, begging for someone to call 911…and then realizing they don’t use the same number here for emergencies. In my dream (and this is how I you can REALLY tell it was a dream) the health insurance company sent in a fleet of helicopters, tour bus sized ambulances and about a 72 person support team to organize his care.

I think my subconscious mind had some stuff to sort out.

At 5 some of us went horseback riding. It was great, except when it wasn’t.

I need a shower and more sleep…