I’m trying to be zen…. I just lost a very long blog post. 😦 There’s no way to recreate what took me an hour or more to do. Super sad face. Here is my half-hearted effort to bring everyone up to speed…

We made our way to Limerick, but elected to stay in for the night, since locals warned us to only use cabs to get around from our hotel. The nickname of Limerick is “stab city”. I have no idea how accurate this moniker is, but I was not anxious to find out. The hotel was clean and nicely appointed, and I prefer a hotel over a hostel any day. The only problem was that the Internet was spotty at best. I could only be on in public areas, which were too loud and too well populated to Skype. I listened to traditional Irish music at the hotel bar while publishing last night’s blog. nice way to get work done.

We had a beautiful drive into the mountains, when I wasn’t panicking. Twisty mountain roads tend to unnerve me (understatement).

We saw the master crystal cutter, and now we are headed to dinner!