We were met with a proper Irish breakfast this morning…much to the delight of all of us who are sick of toast. But wouldn’t you know, many of us ate toast with our eggs and bacon or sausage anyway. We joke about not eating toast again after we leave this country. Twenty-to-one odds we will find ourselves craving toast within a week. Some of the girls tried (blood) pudding. Million-to-one odds NO one will be craving that any time soon.

Before long we were headed to the Cliffs of Moher. The cliffs are a sight to see, for sure. It is quite the attraction for foreign travelers. I must have picked up on half a dozen languages, and probably missed at least that many more. I heard French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, as well as Japanese and something eastern European (Czech?). The site is well appointed with an exhibition area, a cafe, a restaurant, and gift shop. It is built underground. The steps up to oversee the cliffs appear fairly new, as do the walls with signs suggesting you stay behind them. Not everyone regards the signs. We stayed well within safe range. The view was lovely. I thought the sheer faces of the cliffs, the crashing blue ocean water some 700 ft below, and gulls circling between was beautiful….The sun on the waves looked like diamonds. But my eyes kept being drawn to the horizon. To the Aran islands.

To compare the cliffs at Dun Angohasa to those of the Cliffs of Moher at first glance would seem unfair, slanted toward the beauty and height of Moher, Plus, it was an easy bus ride with parking, convenient steps leading up, and all the safety features befitting a national treasure that must see millions of visitors a year. But I didn’t like it nearly as much. In fact most of today’s visits seemed a bit commercial. Somehow less authentic because of it.

Bunratty castle, built in the 1400s was built by the McNameras and subsumed by the O’Brien clan. Now it subsumed by tourists.The castle is neat, but I was not prepared for loads of people who spill out of giant tour busses.

Does it mean you have been in country too long when you start getting annoyed by the tourists?