We are now in the small town of Kinvara. En route from Galway, we surprised the girls with a stop at a farm that has adapted itself toward the tourist market. They have you apron up, teach you to make your own scones, then show you sheep herding, sheering and feeding lambs with a bottle while the scones are baking! Then they serve tea and your own scones (after washing hands of course) Brilliant!

We also got to tour the farmer’s 250+ year old home that has been in his family all that time. We got to see thatching in progress. A roof must be re-thatched every two years. They had a peat fire going, but surely this was a tour related activity only, as we are experiencing temps in the mid eighties here (I think)… whatever 24-28 degrees Celsius is. Every animal is panting here. They are not used to the heat and so much sunshine. I’m legitimately getting a tan. The natives are saying if we get one more day like this (3 in a row), panic will ensue among the farmers. They say there hasn’t been weather like this for years.

In Kinvara we enjoyed the farmer’s market. A couple of the girls wanted to buy a chicken.

It will be dinner soon…got to run….