Here is my pared down toiletry set for the trip.

Razor…disposable without being the super cheap, single-bladed, pink harbinger of doom (I had a bad experience….and still have a 3″ scar)

Deodorant …chose solid instead of gel to save room in my 3-1-1 quart bag. No checking means everything liquid or gel must fit. Thought about trying a crystal rock to be more natural. Decided it could be TOO natural. Ditto not shaving.

Coconut oil…this multipurpose liquid pulls its weight in general but certainly while traveling. Use it as a moisturizer, makeup remover, conditioner (not too much!), and it even has antibacterial properties. Further, it begins to melt at 76 degrees F. I can tell the temperature with it. As long as the temp is 76 degrees.

Baking soda…a true must-have for… everything. I use baking soda to wash my hair (diluted in water in that bottle you see next to the box…that’s a peri bottle for those of you interested. If you don’t know what a peri bottle is, or the need for its postpartum use, just remain blissfully ignorant). You can brush your teeth with it, deodorize a pair of shoes, treat insect bites, clean surfaces, give yourself a facial scrub, and many more uses. If I can score a piece of aluminum foil and hot water, i can clean tarnish off my silver jewelry. I probably could leave the Crestbehind. But I do love that minty freshness.

Makeup…I really pared down here. I have a lot of makeup, but I began doing without less each day for the last week or so. I even discovered through a scientific experiment that the eyeshadow primer doesn’t really increase the longevity of my Kat Von D eyeshadow. This compact has 10 colors and a mirror. The case is thin and very portable. I use Bare Minerals foundation and Studio Gear finishing powder (reappropriated into a Bare Minerals container). I’m only bringing my Ulta soft focus brush. It was hard to let go of bringing all my professional brushes. One Victoria Secret long wearing lipstick can moonlight as blush. I have DKNY perfume rollon. Not my favorite, but perfect size. I absolutely cannot live without my Kat Von D tattoo eyeliner and Lancome definicils mascara.

Soap…this is soap Leigh brought me from her study abroad trip last year. She can comment on this, but I think its Rotorua soap with something magical. I feel magical not having to put more in my 3-1-1 bag plus it smells delightful.

Toothbrush…not just any toothbrush….it’s a Norwex silver infused self cleaning antibacterial wonder. It even comes with a head cover. Sweet!