It is my youngest son’s third birthday today (happy birthday, David Jace) and I’m packing for the Study Abroad trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland. We leave Saturday!

So…why imcarryingon for a blog name? Of course I find myself terribly clever, and in hopes you will too, please allow me to explain….

1. This blog is my place to carry on (talk too much…just ask my husband, Tim. It happens….on the daily). My BFF, Leigh, also knows what a chatty Cathy I am, but we do it together, so she never minds.

2. I’m also carrying on without my family. I have a still sadness and pre-departure homesickness that erupts periodically. My eyes tear up and I make an excuse to leave the room and pull myself together. I think the oldest, Conlon, will be fine without me, but I worry about Jack and David missing me as much as I will miss them.

3. Finally, I’m actually carrying on all my luggage…I have one rolling carryon and a tote for 25 days in Ireland/Northern Ireland. Right now my bag weighs just a tad over…because the bag itself weighs 10 lbs! Had I known I would make it an obsessive mission, I would have purchased a lighter weight bag made sometime in the last decade.

More later on my obsession of packing light and packing well….

… as a great friend of mine often says…

Ciao for niao!